storage building near me

storage building near me
Building a shed by yourself. How to build and make your own garden shed man cave tiny house by yourself diy. This is how I built my 8 x 12 shed by myself just using regular materials. Pallets may be cheap but this will last. I built this shed in 4 short days. I used steel roofing and siding for low maintenance. You could build this as a pole barn too and make it permanent. I chose to put it on skids so I can move it if necessary down the road if I want to have it in a different location. I did a 8/12 pitch roof to give more room for storing stuff in the attic. You could easily go bigger if you wanted and live in it for a tiny house if it was insulated well. check out my latest shed video with a lot more details!! here is where you can find this shears for your drill. Its a great tool to have if you do much with steel at all. here you can find the Dewalt Cordless Framing Nailer if you decide you gotta have one. :) here you can check out some nice cordless tools if you want some to make the job easier. here you can find that 3 in1 lube for the nailer if you need it. here is the one calculator I liked for squaring the building. here is a second one.

Here’s roughly what I came up with for lumber List that I used.
65 - 2x4x8 wall studs, trusses, roof nailers etc
7 - 2x6x8 treated for floor joists
2 - 4x6x12 treated support beams for floor.
3 - 3/4 plywood treated for floor.
Also some small plywood scraps for the gussets on the trusses.

I would recommend measuring up your roof and siding after you are framed up so you can figure it closer.

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