How to build 6x3 shed

How to build 6x3 shed?
Includes complete materials list and cut list, with all angles and math done for you! Plus these designs maximize material use, giving you the most amount of shed for the least amount of money.

This is a complete video series detailing exactly how to build a shed from beginning to end. It is presented so that even someone with little to no experience can tackle this project. The instruction teaches the IBC (International Building Code) rules that almost every jurisdiction in the United States follows, so you will be prepared if you need a permit. But in many cases a permit isn’t required for a shed under a certain size.

This project takes only basic tools to accomplish. If you have a circular saw, a drill, a level & a hammer, along with some basic hand tools, you can do this.

There are things that will make it quicker of course, such as a nailgun & compressor. But you can decide what level of tools are needed.

I’ve broken the video into digestible parts. This makes it easier to refer back to a specific section. Or, if you only happen to need instruction in one area, this will save you time, since you can just watch what you need.

Things we used for this project:

Circular saw
Basic Forstner bit set
Drill Bit set
Impact driver
Speed Square
Framing square
Chalk Line
Palm nailer
Level 6-1/2 ft
Level 4ft

16D galv nails
6D galv ring shank nails
TimberLOK screws 6” long

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