prefab shed 10x16

How to build a shed by yourself diy all steps included start to finish. A lot of the same steps can be used for a cabin, tiny house, greenhouse, playhouse or any small building. Ever dream of a man cave or she shed to work in or play in? These buildings are so handy to have, you could even live in one! This one is rustic rough cut board and batten. I love how it turned out! here you can get the RUGGED wood treatment for the siding.
I LOVE how it turned out on my shed siding!! here is the locking handle I used. here are the heavy duty black hinges. here are the barrel bolt latches for the door that mostly stays shut. here you can check for carriage bolts but you may be better off getting them at a local place. here you can check out some nice cordless tools if you want some to make the job easier. if you need a good tape measure these are my favorite. here you can find a pretty cheap window as well. Otherwise I would recommend the Lowes one.
There's probably more I could add but all I can think of for now. here is the one calculator I liked for squaring the building. here is a second one.

Here is the video timeline if you want to skip ahead since I know it's a long video. You can't have a very detailed shed build without it being long. ;)
0:00 Intro
1:18 getting skids leveled
4:11 floor joists
10:22 plywood floor
11:46 laying out trusses
18:14 building trusses
18:54 building walls
26:24 setting trusses
31:56 sheathing roof
37:32 roof underlayment
38:39 housewrap
40:38 overhang framing
41:48 drip edge
42:49 steel roof prep
47:52 ridge cap
49:25 staining siding with RUGGED
52:24 soffit and facia
56:36 gable trim
1:01:35 siding
1:03:31 framing front doors
1:08:11 window install
1:09:33 trim and battens
1:13:18 door latch / lock install
1:16:11 shed is done! look inside
1:17:12 total cost breakdown
1:18:19 let me know how you did on your project, post pictures on Instagram and tag me in them. Instagram

Here is the cost breakdown for the shed.
Lumber, concrete blocks and roofing underlayment $1000
Rough cut lumber $700
Steel roofing $450
RUGGED Wood Treatment stain $70
Misc $80
$2300 total

here is the complete material list that I used.
8- 4x8x16 solid concrete blocks
1- 24x24 window
1 roll roofing underlayment
2 bags of RUGGED wood treatment stain

5 sheets 3/4 treated plywood for floor
10 sheets 5/8 plywood for roof
2- 4x6x16 treated skids
2- 2x6x16 treated rim joists
13- 2x6x10 treated floor joists

64- 2x4x92-5/8 pre cut studs for walls and and truss top chords. They are long enough to reach and cheaper than full 8’
15- 2x4x8 door framing and misc
4- 2x4x16 wall plates
15- 2x4x10 wall plates, truss bottom chords, and misc

Rough cut lumber I used.
54- 1x10x8
21- 1x10x12
5- 1x6x8
9- 1x6x10
18- 1x6x16
14- 1x4x10
12- 1x4x12

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