Building a Workshop 12x24 shed UK

Building a Workshop 12x24 shed UK
Building a workshop has been a life long dream for me. Now, back in the UK. I'm building a new workspace from the ground up from scratch.

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Tool & Material List:


Blender Precision Series:


How much was it and how big is it?

So keeping tools our of the pricing In total it came to around £1200 But this includes extra wood to make workbenches too. It's 2.9m by 2.9m . Has a close to 7-degree pitch and highest point is 2.49m. Keep in mind that I have completely over-engineered this workshop for 3 reasons. 1. I'm in Scotland and I get a lot of rain so I had to have a pitch on my roof. 2. I'm close to the sea and there is a field with an unobstructed prevailing wind so I get gusts of wind up to gale force 9 pretty regularly. I had to keep room for 100mm rockwool to make sure I could stay warm and more importantly that I would not bug the neighbours too much.

Where is the power?

All electrics are now in using office conduit. I got a pro for this as I'm not going to take responsibility for electrical work till I've got some real training. I'm sure you can see the conduit in some of my other videos. It goes right around the workspace.

Your Door is upside down...

Funny story really...
Yup that is pretty much how I got the door plus I only really had one option to mount it as I wanted it to open outward to give me a little bit more room for larger projects in the future. Thanks for the heads up thou. I did spend about 20 minutes just looking at the door to think of which way round I should mount the freaking thing.... but oh well it works and it only cost me £5 so beggars can't be choosers.

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